First editon 



Final Project Synthesis


The winning team of the

1st edition of


will be


5,000 euros

(gross amount)

If he winning team develops their project under the supervision of one or more professor/

researcher they will be


2,500 EUR

(gross amount)

Access to an integrated

Ecosystem of Innovation

Themes of the projects

The projects to be developed should focus on strategic areas for health and healthcare, namely:

  1. Biotech;

  2. The Hospital of the Future;

  3. Artificial Intelligence for the Smart Hospital of the Future;

  4. Medical devices innovation concerning electronic devices, biomaterials, artificial organs, diagnostic, drug delivery devices, monitoring, rehabilitation;

  5. Applications with innovative solutions to tackle Coronavirus or other virus outbreak;

  6. Development of therapeutics and diagnostics to tackle current and future coronavirus outbreaks; 

  7. Non-clinical support (Facility Services / Facility Management);

  8. Preventive Healthcare;

  9. Predictive Clinical Analytics;

  10. Medtech and Pharmatech;

  11. Hospital acquired infection prevention;

  12. Digital Health concerning Web-platforms, mHealth, Apps;

  13. Improve patient adherence with therapeutics;

  14. Business Intelligence for Hospitals: data infrastructure, analytics and big data;

  15. Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications to enhance the relationship between hospitals and patients;

  16. Telecare and remote patient monitoring systems;

  17. Privacy management and cybersecurity of clinical data.



To participate in the Health INNOVAtion Award® students should form a group composed by a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 5 elements and one or more coordinating professors.

Being formally registered as students of Graduation, Post-graduation or Master at Universities or Institutes.


Registration deadline:  April, 9th, 2020

Submit the follow-up questionnaire by:  April 24th,  2020

Deadline for project delivery: June 14th , 2020

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