H-INNOVA - HEALTH INNOVATION AWARD is an initiative that is part of H-INNOVA - HEALTH INNOVATION HUB and consists in a call launched to the main Universities and Institutes in which projects that fall into strategic defined areas can compete.


In order to enhance the innovation capacity in health H-INNOVA will acknowledge and award the best projects developed by students and professors of master, post-graduation and graduation of reference Universities and Institutes at national and international level that contribute with innovative ideas to specific areas.

H-INNOVA - Health INNOVAtion Award® aims to promote: 

  • Health innovation;

  • The development of projects with potential to create i) new business models, ii) new products and iii) new services focusing on aspects such as digital transformation, artificial intelligence, IoT, machine learning, Big Data, Preventive Healthcare;

  •  STARTUPS acceleration in Hospital physical and virtual environment;

  • Knowledge transfer through close cooperation between leading Universities, Research Centers, Hospitals and Enterprises;

  • Bringing academy and business reality closer.

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