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2nd Call for Projects 


Âncora 1

Participation requirements

Doctorates and researcher’s category

Projects developed by doctorates, doctorate students or researchers

Individual or group participation.

The requirements to participate in Doctorates and Researchers category are:

  • Have a PhD/Doctorate degree; or

  • Attend in the present academic year (2020/2021) a PhD/Doctorate program; or

  • Be a researcher in a University, Institute or Research Center;


Access to an integrated

Ecosystem of Innovation

Doctorates and researcher’s category

The winning project will be awarded a prize of an amount equivalent to

7,500 EUR

Comprised of: 


a monetary amount of

3,500  EUR


4,000 euros

 in dedicated mentoring hours from experienced professionals with expertise in business modelling, finance, business development and other relevant areas.

Themes of the projects

Âncora 2

The projects to be developed should focus on strategic areas for health and healthcare, namely:

Provision and Predictive Models

   1. Prevision/scenario forecasting of macro models for public health – NEW TOPIC 

       Creation of a predictive, visual, metric and ecosystemic model that allows integrating and interpreting complex systems of resources  and variables of an economic, geodemographic, energetic, mobility and communication nature, among others, in order to produce  information and knowledge to support the management decisions and the efficient resolution of public health problems.

   2. Prevision models concerning resources requests in pandemic and disaster/crises events – NEW TOPIC

      Creation of a predictive, visual, metric and ecosystemic model that allows integrating and interpreting complex systems of resources          and variables in the areas of health, civil and social protection, in order to create permanent and dynamic information, to support the          management decision, in events of pandemic, disaster or crisis.

   3. Predictive Clinical Analytics;

   4. Predictive models in Healthcare – NEW TOPIC

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Business intelligence and medical devices innovation

  1. The Hospital of the Future;

  2. Energy and waste management optimization for hospitals in a sustainable perspective

  3. Hospital acquired infection prevention;

  4. Biotech;

  5. Artificial Intelligence for the Smart Hospital of the Future;

  6. Medtech and Pharmatech;

  7. Digital Health concerning Web-platforms, mHealth, Apps;

  8. Business Intelligence for Hospitals: data infrastructure, analytics and big data;

  9. Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications to enhance the relationship between hospitals and patients;

  10. Telecare and remote patient monitoring systems.

  11. Privacy management and cybersecurity of clinical data

  12. Medical devices innovation concerning electronic devices, biomaterials, artificial organs, diagnostic, drug delivery devices, monitoring, rehabilitation;

  13. Artificial Intelligence (AI): applications for non-clinical support (Facility Services / Facility Management);

Outbreaks innovation

  1. Applications with innovative solutions to tackle Coronavirus or other virus outbreak;

  2. Development of therapeutics and diagnostics to tackle current and future coronavirus outbreaks; 


Focus in the patient

  1. Preventive Healthcare;

  2. Improve patient adherence with therapeutics;

  3. Home care – NEW TOPIC

  4. Improving communication between Healthcare Providers and patients – NEW TOPIC

  5. Healing architecture for better value in healthcare – NEW TOPIC


  1. Development of an app for H-INNOVA - Health INNOVAtion HUB

  2. Business plan for the internationalization of H-INNOVA – Health INNOVAtion HUB

  3. Development of a marketplace platform for health in scope of H-INNOVA – Health INNOVAtion HUB– Design process and how to configure the platform

  4. Empowerment of the Open Innovation platform in scope of H-INNOVA - Health INNOVAtion HUB

  5. H-INNOVA Innovation HUB: improving hub facilities and attracting talent

  6. H-INNOVA Innovation HUB: strategic plan for building an integrated network of Innovation Hubs

  7. H-INNOVA Innovation HUB: innovative business models for the sharing economy

Business Plans and Digital Marketing Plans – NEW TOPIC

  1. Marketing plan to promote health literacy in the general population or in a specific population group (senior population, less educated population…)

  2. Healthcare Digital Marketing Plan to engage patients in their own care journey in a proactive way

  3. Design of a digital marketing strategy to leverage and grow the business of a Hospital or clinic

  4. Digital Marketing Plan for the population that when have symptoms instead of looking for a real Doctor do a search on Doctor Google

  5. Innovative business models for the sharing economy in the health sector

  6. Strategic plan for building an integrated network of Healthcare Innovation Hubs

  7. Business plan for the internationalization of H-INNOVA – Health INNOVAtion HUB

  8. Business Plan for the implementation of H-INNOVA – Health INNOVAtion HUB in USA

Project Evaluation Criteria

The evaluation of the projects is based on the following criteria:

a) Clear definition of the project’s objective
b) Methodology applied in project development (the use of the Canvas model is valued, although not mandatory)
c) Innovation and Creativity
d) Adaptation of the project to the topics of H-INNOVA - Health INNOVAtion Award®
e) Implementation viability
f) Robustness of the product, service or solution proposed
g) Business model (including economic viability of the project)
h) Project implementation plan (business plan)
i) Project presentation (formal report)
j) Elevator Pitch performed at the Final Award Ceremony


Registration deadline: June 30th 2021

Project Delivery deadline: September 7th, 2021

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