H-INNOVA health INNOVAtion HUB Is an ACCELERATOR for fostering innovation for HEALTH  SECTOR involving Universities, Research Centers, Hospitals and Reference Companies/Organizations in an integrated ecosystem, based in  hospitals.


To be the best innovation accelerator for health in EUROPE.


To contribute with the expertise of its members to leverage the innovation ecosystem expanding and complementing its partners’ capabilities, shaping the future of health and delivering best in class services for healthcare providers as hospitals.


To set up a knowledge and technology transfer process in cooperation with leading universities and research centers, hospitals and reference organizations/companies.

To support the implementation of projects, in hospital environment, that through innovation can contribute to:

i) The increase in quality of life of patients/users.

ii) The improvement in working conditions of health professionals.

iii) Efficiency gains, increased productivity and cost savings


To incorporate state of the art academic research into organizations to achieve competitive advantage through innovation in an open innovation approach.

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H-INNOVA – Health Innovation HUB


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