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29th & 30th of November 2023

Colégio dos Jesuítas - Universidade da Madeira - Funchal

On November 29th and 30th, the DIGITAL HEALTH SUMMIT 2023 took place within the scope of H-INNOVA - HEALTH INNOVATION HUB, 4th Edition, in Funchal, Madeira.

The event featured a conference where keynote speakers made presentations, discussed ideas, and presented solutions addressing topics such as:

  • Digital transformation in healthcare

  • CYBERSECURITY - Risks and challenges for #hospitals

  • Internet of Medical Things (IOMT)

  • AI applications in diagnosis, treatment, and healthcare management

  • Hospital and healthcare professional needs regarding technology and data

  • ESG: The environmental impact of healthcare systems

  • Mental Health: The role of technology

Some of the speakers and H-INNOVA partner representatives included:

Pedro Ramos, Regional Secretary of Health

Rui Miguel Barreto, Regional Secretary of Economy

Rita Veloso, Santo António Hospital

Roberto Almeida Santos, Regional Government of Madeira

Carlos de Andrade, Regional Secretary of Economy

Herberto Jesus and Júlio Nóbrega, SESARAM

Mónica Seidi, Azores Regional Health Service

Mário Peres and Mafalda Alves Dias, VODAFONE

Vicente Huertas Pardo, MINSAIT

João Macedo, COA

Andre Sao Marcos Barbado and Delphine SCOKAERT, ROCHE

Ricardo Conceição, MetaSmile

Pedro Pita Barros

Dinis Fernandes, CyberSafe

Renato Magalhães, IPO Porto

Paulo Moniz, EDP

Catarina Baptista, Santa Maria Hospital

Luis Santos, Ricardo Sousa, and Rita Honório Monteiro, CELFOCUS

Hugo Almeida, Dell Technologies

Luís Fernandes, PwC

Maria João Vaz, Mazars

Patrícia Costa and Micaela Ventura, Startup Madeira

Sara Relvas, Regional Secretary of Education

Cristina Pedra Costa, Funchal City Council

Elia Ribeiro, Regional Secretary of Finance

Rita Vasconcelos and Telmo Vieira, PremiValor

Here are the winners of the 4th edition of the H-INNOVA: Health Innovation Hub Call for Projects:


  • eBreathie

  • Careceiver

  • GlucoActive


  • OnVOC.Nose, National School of Public Health

  • KeepingTrack, Porto Superior Institute of Engineering

  • URIPRO, Lisbon Superior Institute of Engineering



  • SMAD4, Nova Medical School

  • Selfcare@Home, University of Minho | North Health School of the Portuguese Red Cross

  • Biosolve Solutions, University of Minho

On behalf of H-INNOVA partners, congratulations to all participants in the Call for Projects, and you can count on our support! Registrations for the 5th edition are now open! Register Here

Pre-Registrations for the 2024 edition of the DIGITAL HEALTH SUMMIT are now open! By pre-registering you have access to early bird discounts.

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