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What are the main needs and expectations of Hospitals and health professionals in relation to technology and data?


What technology solutions do companies have to offer hospitals and other healthcare providers?

These were questions that were sought to be answered on May 23, 2023, at the Nova School of Business and Economics, Carcavelos campus, with the Think Tank, “SHT-SCIENCE to HEALTH to TECH – H-INNOVA | NOVA SBE

This Think Tank, resulted in a starting point for optimization of work/efficiency gains at the level of Hospitals in conjunction with Universities, Research Centers and technology companies and “data science”

partners of H-INNOVA - Health Innovation HUB.

The working session started with presentations of hospitals where some of their needs and expectations were made known.

Presentations were made by:

Júlio Nóbrega, Hospital Dr. Nélio Mendonça (Health Service of the Autonomous Region of Madeira, E.P.E. (SESARAM)

Catarina Baptista, Hospital de Santa Maria (Centro Hospitalar Lisboa Norte, EPE)

Renato Magalhães, Portuguese Institute of Oncology of Porto (IPO-Porto)

Rita Veloso, Hospital Santo António do Porto, (Centro Hospitalar Universitário de Santo António)

Pedro Gouveia, Champalimaud Foundation.

These presentations were followed by a working session, in the form of round tables. The conclusions were later presented and discussed among all participants.

Finally, technology companies that are H-INNOVA partners will present solutions in the field of technology and data.

Vodafone, represented by Dr. Mafalda Alves Dias and Eng. Mario Peres

Roche, represented by Dr. André Sao Marcos Barbado

Minsait, represented by Eng. Vicente Huertas Pardo and Dr. Joana Miranda

Dell Technologies, represented by Eng. Ricardo Gomes and Eng. Bruno Mendes

Celfocus, represented by Eng. Bruno Santos and Eng. João Pedro Barata

Future Healthcare Group, represented by Dr. Teresa Xavier and Doctor Ana Frade Pina

In the closing session, Pedro Pita Barros, Pedro Ramos and Telmo Vieira ended the working session with conclusions about the event, as well as the indication of some next steps:

Elaborate a "survey" to be addressed to the hospitals with a view to systematizing, by area, the main needs and expectations so that the technological and "data science" offers are as targeted and effective as possible, resulting in effective gains in health for patients/users, healthcare professionals and cost optimization for hospitals.

Creation of an “H-KNOWLEDGE CENTER” to be developed under the H-INNOVA: HEALTH INNOVATION HUB where it is possible for Hospitals, Companies, Universities and Research Centers to share “Best Practices” with validation and scientific curation

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