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H-INNOVA: Health Innovation HUB is an Accelerator that aims to foster cutting edge innovation in the health sector

H-INNOVA HUB benefits from an integrated open ecosystem involving Universities, Institutions, Research Centers, Hospitals and Reference Companies/Organizations.

By being physically integrated in hospitals, H-INNOVA HUB accesses unique knowledge and insight from healthcare professionals and from hospital research environment to create impactful solutions and technologies that will ultimately improve (i) the quality of life of patients, (ii) the working conditions and safety for clinic and non-clinic staff at hospitals and the (iii) level of effectiveness and efficiency of hospitals.

As a partner of H-INNOVA HUB, you have the unique opportunity to engage in a differentiated international scope project that will leverage your R&D capabilities, allow you to anticipate market trends, expand your business network and increase your international exposure.

Benefits are organized to fit in the following categories:

  • Strategic benefits

  • Business development benefits

  • Digital transformation benefits

  • Marketing benefits

  • Human resources benefits


And are set to have relevant impact on your business, such as:

Projects & ideas: partners will have access to the projects and ideas generated in leading universities and research centers that may constitute a good potential for innovation, new business models, new products and new services related to Health (subject to intellectual property aspects).



Contact us 

for further information.

Telmo Vieira - Managing partner

+351 91 782 06 50

Rita Vasconcelos - Director

+351 91 324 77 78


Funding: partners will be able to access the international consortium to apply to European Commission calls regarding the health sector, in particular:

  • Pre-Commercial Procurements (PCPs)

  • Public Procurements ff Innovative Solutions (PPIs)

  • Europe Digital Hubs

Business Insight: partners will be able to identify business and market opportunities and to anticipate market trends;

Collaborative R&D: partners will be part of a bottom up knowledge and technology transfer process in cooperation with leading universities and research centers, hospitals and other reference organizations;

Open innovation: partners will be able to incorporate state of the art academic research into the organization and achieve competitive advantage through innovation;

Talent Scouting: partners will access a continuous pool for talent identification with potential for recruitment or for internship purposes.



Diamond partners

Diamond partners

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Gold Partners


Silver Partners

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Bronze partners

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