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The DIGITAL HEALTH SUMMIT 2022 was a 4-day summit in presence and on-line (Pitch Ceremony)  dedicated to healthcare and the future of health that took place in Funchal, Madeira in Portugal, in the University of Madeira - Colégio dos Jesuítas and in the Museum of Electricity from December 14th at 3PM to December 17th, 2022.

The event had:

  • Talks: Several topics related to the present and future of health addressed by renowned speakers in each respective field. These topics were discussed both in individual presentations as well as in a group table format, to incite discussion, knowledge transfer and a deeper dive into the topics in question;

  • Networking: One of the main attractions of the DIGITAL HEALTH SUMMIT 2022! A place for individuals, researchers, scholars, investors, startups and companies/organizations of all sizes to  create synergies with one another and leverage business opportunities;

  • Startups: The DIGITAL HEALTH SUMMIT 2022 had a number of Startups presenting their ideas, products or services to investors and participants;

  • Stands: Companies/Organizations were able to have a stand to show and present their healthcare related solutions to interested participants that attended, including hospitals and other healthcare providers.

DIGITAL HEALTH SUMIMT 2022 featured multiple speakers renowned in different areas presenting solutions and ideas to help move health and healthcare forward. Here are some of the topics that were addressed:

  • Innovating Healthcare with H-INNOVA: HEALTH INNOVATION HUB 

  • Federated Learning – What Hospitals and other Healthcare Providers can learn with each other with Data Science projects

  • Privacy and Data Protection in Healthcare – Challenges and Opportunities

  • Cybersecurity Challenges on Health Organizations

  • Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

  • Presentation by Universities/Research Centres of scientific papers of AI applications for Health

  • The role of Pharmaceutical Industry in innovation in Healthcare

  • The role of Innovation of Medical Devices in Healthcare

  • AI leading to new solutions on Health and Healthcare

  • Data: The future is now

  • Leadership in Health - How to create a strong and resilient team

  • Hospital of the Future

  • The Financing of Health Systems

  • The relevance of Health Tourism - Challenges and Opportunities;

  • Health in the Metaverse - Application of Immersive Technologies in the Health Sector