Frequent asked questions

1.   The elements of the same group can attend different courses and universities?

2.   Students that completed their degree can apply?


3.   It is mandatory that groups are accompanied by one or more coordinators?

4.   It is possible for a student to apply with two different groups?

5.   Can a professor coordinate several groups?

6.   It is possible the participation of foreign students under Erasmus regime?

7.   It is possible the participation of students enrolled in Universities outside of Portugal?

8.   I still do not have a student card, what can I do to validate the registration?

9.   It is possible to participate with projects developed within a course unit?

10.   Is the fullfilment of the monitoring questionnaire mandatory?

11.   Where can I access the monitoring questionnaire?

12.   After the submission of the monitoring questionnaire is it possible to change the project theme?

13.   How should the report/project be submitted?

14.   What kind of files can be submitted and what is the size limit?

15.   Can the projects be written in English?​

16.   Is the presentation video mandatory?​

17.   Do all the group elements have to be present in the Ceremony to award the winning group?

18.   It is possible to bring mockups or prototypes of the projects?

19.   What is the dress code for the Ceremony to award the winning group?

20.   Is there any contact to clarify any doubts related to the H-INNOVA?

21.   Do the students participating in the H-INNOVA lose the property rights to the submitted idea?

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