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H-INNOVA Ecosystem

Startups are one of the more important components of the H-INNOVA Ecosystem.

Get to know some the startups that participated in our anual Call for Projects and are now part of the H-INNOVA Health Innovation HUB

1st Place



HOME AND PORTABLE MEDICAL SCREENING DEVICE connected to a MOBILE APP, that uses piezoelectricity to detect abnormalities in the breast tissue.

We will develop a machine learning algorithm during our clinical trials and data collection.

• With the help of sensors, the SenseGlove it will collect data to detect and control abnormalities in the breast tissue

• The app reminds women to do the screening exam

• The device is just a complement to the breast self-exam and it doesn’t replace the diagnosis exams or routine appointments

• The solution simplify results interpretation and the app will tell if women should go to the doctor

2nd Place


Virtuleap combines neuroscience and VR to diagnose and delay cognitive disorders, and enhance cognitive performance.


3rd Place



Musiquence is an ICT-based platform that uses the benefits of music and reminiscence-related approaches to stimulate people with dementia (PwD). Currently, Musiquence has six implemented activities that use the benefits of music and reminiscence. The activities were designed to train different skills such as:

• Memory;

• Associative Memory;

• Attention;

• Selective Attention;

• Motor skills.

BSL Pharmaceutics

Its activity is focused on the development of spiro-lactams as novel broad-spectrum antivirals with an innovative mechanism of action.

R&D Activities Focused on Spirocyclic Lactams 

• Synthesis and reactivity studies

• In vitro antimicrobial activity determination against different pathogens

• In vivo toxicity and pharmacokinetics determination

• In vivo antimicrobial activity studies


CBR Genomics


In the future, checking the DNA sequence will be as ubiquitous and accessible as blood testing or X-ray exams are today.


At CBR Genomics, we put Genomics at the service of Medicine, with a positive impact on People's lives - of Patients and their Doctors. We develop clinical tools to support physicians' decisions based on the invaluable information held in the DNA, improving healtcare outcomes as well as people’s quality of life, and extending longevity.

Minu - AI Telehealth Companion

The objective is to decrease the non-urgent Emergency Department visits, overwhelming hospitals and national health systems

minu health.png


VMersive is a pre-procedural planning software based on automatic 3D reconstruction using VR Headset

Phamo - Optimal Supplements Around you

The Phamo Mobile app - Connects Consumers & Pharmacies 

• Personalized Matching of Supplements 

• Reflecting Personal Health Goals, Lifestyle, & Health Factors  Located at Nearby Pharmacy Stores




Science-based App Coach for Womens Health and Well Being. Essence is the app that enables menstruating people to balance hormones and boost well-being by optimizing nutrition, sport, social and work engagements to 4 different phases of their cycle. Unlike period trackers, Essence turns health insights into actions and provides personalized daily wellness.


Detailed DNA test concerning emotions, behaviour and brain efficiency genetic characteristics. Following report recommendations, you can choose optimal schedule for active work and rest; know aging cognitive decline genetic risk; make a personal plan for taking the appropriate vitamins and supplements forms to support neurotransmitter Helps to explore individual need for carbohydrates, fats and proteins, identify food intolerance predispositions, vitamins and microelements vital forms and dosages. Following the report recommendations, it is possible to normalize weight, choose the optimal diet and physical activity and prevent diseases development.

My Genetic.png

If you are an Investor, Startup, Company or Organization, contact us to join the H-INNOVA Ecosystem and be part of the Future of Digital Healthcare!

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