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Vodafone PowerLab

Within the scope of the H-INNOVA - Health Innovation HUB, an agreement was signed with the objective to prove a 5G signal by Vodafone Portugal in a room at the Hospital of Funchal, Dr. Nélio Mendonça, planned to be used by Startups, researchers, clinical professionals, universities and research centers linked to H-INNOVA.

VODAFONE is the 5G reference operator that already has more than 3 years of experience in the technology in different European countries.

Telmo Vieira Vodafone PowerLab2_edited.jpg

On the 1st of April, the opening of the VODAFONE POWER LAB - H-INNOVA room took place at Hospital do Funchal, Dr. Nélio Mendonça, to which H-INNOVA partners, health professionals, startups, universities and research centers will have access.

The Vodafone PowerLab room will be equipped with 5G equipment in order to allow high quality connectivity, useful, for example, for carrying out works in the field of data science, virtual reality, digital transformation, IOT, artificial intelligence, big data, etc.


This will be the first VODAFONE POWER LAB room to be installed next to a Hospital.

There will be 2 solutions installed:

  1. A base 4G and 5G station, and the respective antenna indoor system to assure the correct distribution of signal throughout the working area

  2. A fixed and independent broadband circuit, that will also end up with the distribution of Wi-Fi signal to serve the users of the space.

This is part of the vision of H-INNOVA's partnership with the Government of Madeira, to enhance the Digital Transformation of the region's health sector, including the new Central Hospital of Madeira.

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