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September 30th
International Conference 2021 "Presenting the Future of Health and Healthcare"

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Morning Session

Afternoon Session

In this session, we counted with presentations of some partner companies of H-INNOVA  (Vodafone, BC Platforms, LG, Celfocus, Roche, Medtronic, JamHUB, Future Healthcare) about their technological solutions applied to healthcare providers and also with great insightful interventions by members of the Government of Madeira.

Great presentations from members of some of the best companies, organizations and hospitals concerning the importance of data protection, privacy and GDPR applied to healthcare institutions

H-INNOVA Elevator Pitch Event

1st Edition


2nd Edition


grupo vencedor 1ª edição.jpg

The  ceremony  of the 1st edition of H-INNOVA - Elevator Pitch Event took place on September 22nd, 2020 and was transmitted online from the Center for Studies of the Atlantic in Funchal.

Some amazing projects and presentations in both categories.

Over 35 attendees in person, complemented by 127 online presences.

Noteworthy keynote speaker Kenneth Hap Klopp as well as some great interventions by others. 

Want to keep up to date with the H-INNOVA HUB and attend future events?
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