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Thursday, October 6th

Opening Session

9:00 AM

Dr. Pedro Ramos - Regional Secretary of Health and Civil Protection of Madeira

Speaker Interventions

9:15 AM

Federated Learning - What hospitals and other healthcare providers can learn with each other with Data Science Projects

Speaker Interventions

10:00 AM

Round Table

10:30 AM

11:00 AM - Break & Networking

privacy and data protection in healthcare - Challenges and Opportunities

Intervention Legal

11:15 AM

Round Table

11:30 AM

cybersecurity challenges on health organizations

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment at Organizations

11:35 AM

Round Table

11:55 AM

Cybersecurity Challenges in a Digital Transformation Context

1:00 PM - Lunch Break & Networking

artificial intelligence in healthcare

Round Table

2:35 PM

3:45 PM - Break & Networking


4:00 PM

Presentation by Universities/Research Centers of Scientific Papers of AI Applications for Health

THE role of pharmaceutical industry in innovation in healthcare

Round Table

4:40 PM

5:00 PM - Break & Networking

THE role of innovation on medical devices in healthcare - recent developments

Round Table

5:15 PM

6:00 PM - Break & Networking

AI Leading to new solutions on health and healthcare

Startups Presentations

6:15 PM

Closing Speech

7:00 PM

Cultural Moment

7:05 PM

Piano | Jazz | Saxophone

9:00 PM - Evening Networking Event at Funchal*
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