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We look forward to seeing you at the DIGITAL HEALTH SUMMIT 2024!


  • Hospital Of The Future: the transformation and evolution of healthcare facilities, through topics like smart hospitals, digitalization of healthcare, AI integration, patient-centric care models, and innovative technologies.

  • Hospital and Healthcare Providers Needs & Expectations: will focus on understanding the evolving needs and expectations of hospitals and healthcare providers. Will aim to address and meet the changing demands of healthcare organizations for improved outcomes and quality of care.

  • Innovating in Hospitals – How can Hospitals leverage their innovation: This theme will discuss strategies for hospitals to effectively leverage innovation, improve patient care, and optimize operational processes

  • DIGITAL HEALTH – Challenges And Opportunities: This theme will provide discussions about challenges such as interoperability, regulatory compliance, and data privacy, while also exploring the immense opportunities that digital health presents.

  • Digital Literacy in the Health Sector: will focus on the importance of equipping healthcare professionals with essential digital skills to effectively navigate the digital landscape.

  • Innovative Medical Devices In Healthcare: will explore the latest advancements and applications of medical devices in the healthcare industry.

  • Data Interoperability In The Health Sector: the importance of the exchange and integration of healthcare data across systems and organizations, discussing data sharing challenges, and the potential for improved care coordination, research, and health outcomes through enhanced data interoperability.

  • Records and Data Storage in Hospitals and other Healthcare Providers: the management and storage of healthcare records and data. Topics like electronic health records, data privacy and security, interoperability, and innovative storage solutions will be addressed

  • Health Tourism: the intersection of healthcare and tourism industries, covering topics such as medical travel, wellness retreats, destination healthcare, and the economic and ethical implications of health tourism

  • About Mental Health: will be focused on raising awareness, addressing challenges, and exploring innovative approaches in the field of mental health, covering topics such as mental health stigma, access to care, treatment modalities, and holistic approaches.

  • Big Data Analytics in Healthcare: Discuss the role of big data analytics in improving patient outcomes, personalized medicine, population health management, predictive analytics, and data-driven decision making.

  • Health Information Exchange and Interoperability: Examine strategies for improving data sharing and interoperability among healthcare systems, including electronic health records, health information exchanges, and standards.

  • Blockchain in Healthcare: Explore the potential applications of blockchain technology in healthcare, such as secure medical records management, supply chain management, clinical trials, and healthcare payment systems.

  • Ethics and Governance in Health Tech: Examine ethical considerations and regulatory frameworks related to the use of technology and data in healthcare, including data privacy, informed consent, algorithmic bias, and responsible AI deployment.

DHS 2023 - Main Topics
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